Want help preventing injuries or recovering from an injury?

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We have been helping others prevent and recover from injuries for over 20 years.  NOW is the time to devote the extra few minutes per week to prevention or recovery. Give us a call.

Prevention requires planning, training, and consistency.  

The planning portion requires identifying the body parts most involved in the activity, how much time before the season begins, for example snowboarding or skiing season, and are you physically prepared for the activity that you may not have done in several months.

Training for an activity, such as snowboarding or skiing, will require Core and lower extremity muscle strength, endurance, and flexibility. Neuromuscular proprioception demands will be different for snowboarding or skiing as compared to basketball.

Consistency means that you are willing to devote at least 120 minutes per week training for the activity.

Recovery from an injury requires patience, focus, proper medical care, and dedication.

Patience is needed because active persons do not like to stop what they are accustomed to doing.  Recovery may take anywhere from 2 weeks to 4 months or more.  Avoid getting grouchy with those around you; show appreciation for what they do for you. 

Focus keeps things in proper perspective.  An injury is usually of short duration in the grand scheme of things (considering the fact that the average life span is 85 years). Stay positive in your attitude and focus on the positive healing that is taking place within.

Proper medical care is essential.  Make time to attend physical therapy. Select a facility that provides one on one care by the physical therapist and staff, making sure that you are performing each exercise with proper supervision and correct body mechanics.

Dedication is required to maximize your best outcome. Follow through with an individualized home exercise program will enhance your results.  Don't give up or get discouraged because time is on your side. 

Let us help you maximize your potential.